A One Tran Show in Two Acts


LOS ANGELES – Ever since she had the honor of being directed by the great Jeffrey Tambor in a recent acting forum, Jade Beauvoir knew that the story of ‘Trinity’ needed to be told. Months later, Beauvoir is thrilled to see Transmission making its world premiere at the Lounge Theater in June as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

In Transmission, Trinity is on a mission to love and accept herself. The only problem is that everyone calls her ‘Trent’ and thinks she’s a boy. Inspired by her Tranny-Godmother Madonna, and her alter ego LaJina Jones, Punany Poet Laureate, Trent goes to battle with his ‘Self Rejection Virus’ in order to reclaim his authentic, female self. In the process, he risks losing his secret lover -codenamed ‘James Franco,’ and his career as a Hollywood actor is propelled into jeopardy.

“Transmission is an eclectic, cathartic journey from disjointed to aligned, from bogus to authentic,” Beauvoir said. “It’s an inspirational, yet comedic tale that explores themes of gender, race, self-acceptance, death and love. …So nothing too heavy.”
Director Allen Walls blends multimedia, special effects, original live music, meditation and dance to convey ‘Trent’s’ dynamic transformation into ‘Trinity.’ The theme of Transmission unmasks a universal commonality: Each of us is struggling to transition from a life of self-doubt and condemnation, to one of internal happiness and peace.

“We hope audiences themselves will be transformed by Transmission,” Beauvoir said. “Ideally, people will leave feeling self-empowered by the possibilities of courage and kindness. …but really, I’m just doing it for the money.”



By Matt Morillo – If you get a chance to check out this show, please take the time. This funny, touching, heartbreaking and ultimately uplifting show is a must see. It tells the story of Trinity, a transgender woman and her journey to self acceptance.

The story is tight, not wasting any time on any fluff and every anecdote has its place in the narrative. It is wonderfully performed by Jade Beauvoir who takes the audience on quite an emotional roller coaster with her daring, heartfelt and honest performance and her excellent comic timing. Every time she tells an anecdote about Trinity’s past, you can visualize every character and every moment. And if you grew up in a conservative suburban environment, like I did, you will find the stories particularly familiar.

I don’t want to give anything away, so I will simply say that if you see this show, you will not be disappointed. You may be confronted, even if you are a supporter of the Trans community, as this show pulls no punches and gets right in your face, as it should. This is a subject that, sadly, so many people are ignorant about, even those of us in the liberal Hollywood community who consider ourselves “woke”.

So lastly, go check out this show! You will laugh, you will cry, you will be challenged, and you will learn!

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